the Tobacco Vaping Industry

A pocket-sized, smart, metered-dose nicotine delivery system with superior efficacy, that can provide the freedom sought after by smokers without compromising their habitual lifestyle. First of its kind, the Nicogen product is both an effective pharma-grade smoking cessation device as well as a smoking lifestyle alternative allowing smokers to enjoy nicotine consumption with style and without the associated harm.

The Nicogen system comprises a control unit and a disposable cartridge. The control unit is suitable for multiple use, it is light and portable, operated by a built-in rechargeable battery and boasts an elegant and fashionable design with diverse skins to meet individual tastes.

Nicogen is the first pharmaceutical product that effectively delivers nicotine in a manner equivalent to a combustible cigarette.

Our philosophy calls for a device that can be operated at any time and ambiance, including environments in which conventional smoking is prohibited. The Nicogen is therefore discrete to the user while eliminating the associated harm to the surroundings (no secondary vapour).

Unrivaled Performance

Nicogen’s device is designed to aerosolize aqueous solutions of nicotine in a manner most suitable for efficient systemic delivery of nicotine.

At nicotine concentrations up to 50 mg/ml the device produces an aerosol with a MMAD value of around 2.5 microns and a fine particle fraction (< 5 microns) higher than 80%.

Utilizing a drop-on-demand mechanism Nicogen’s device is designed to aerosolize 15 micro-liters of nicotine solution per actuation, consistently from the first puff to the last one.

Questions & Answers

How is your vaping technology different from the other vaping devices on the market? 

Our device atomizes water-based nicotine formulation to an inhalable sub-micron mist. We don’t use any formulation components that might risk your health such as oils, PG/VG or vitamin E acetate. Our device and formulation are manufactured according to medicinal guidelines to ensure we provide the safest way to consume nicotine.
Over $15 million has been invested in this entirely new delivery platform. 

How can you be sure that your device is safe?

None of the compounds under investigation by the FDA or CDC are in our device or formulation. We work below the typical temperature of e-cigs. We employ strict medicinal standards in our manufacturing process, both for the device and for its formulation. We have extremely meticulous QA protocols for our vendors and sub-contractors. 

Is your technology validated by 3rd parties?

Yes. Our technology has been validated in a thorough due diligence process by a first-tier company from the industry. 

Are there other products on the market that are similar?

We are not aware of any device that is comparable.

Is the product currently available for sale?

Not yet. We are aiming to have our products available soon.

Do you have patents on the technology?

Yes. Our technology is proprietary, covered by multiple patents, as well as unique know-how.

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