Smoke freedom technology

One billion smokers worldwide are seeking for smoking cessation or a reduction of harm associated with tobacco products while maintaining their accustomed lifestyle



The Trend

In the age of fitness and healthy living, the “old way” of smoking is out of fashion.


Individuals seek to regain their freedom, control their lifestyle and stop harming themselves and others.


There is global consensus that smoking lifestyle must transform.


Billions of dollars are invested annually by the authorities on increasing smokers’ awareness to prevention and treatment of smoking associated harm.



The Solution

A pocket-sized, smart, metered-dose nicotine delivery system with superior efficacy that can provide the freedom sought after by smokers without compromising on their habitual lifestyle. First of its kind, the Nicogen product is both an effective pharma-grade smoking cessation device as well as a smoking lifestyle alternative allowing smokers to enjoy nicotine consumption with style and without the associated harm.


The Nicogen system comprises a control unit and a disposable cartridge. The control unit is suitable for multiple use, it is light and portable, operated by a built-in rechargeable battery and boasts an elegant and fashionable design with diverse skins to meet individual tastes.


Nicogen is the first pharmaceutical product that effectively delivers nicotine in a manner equivalent to a combustible cigarette.


In order to smoothen the transition from a conventional cigarette to Nicogen we believe that Pharmaco-kinetic parameters must be kept to eliminate craving and achieve lighter withdrawal symptoms.


Our philosophy calls for a device that can be operated at any time and ambiance, including environments in which conventional smoking is prohibited. The Nicogen is therefore discreet to the user while eliminating associated harm to the surroundings (no secondary vapour).



disposable cartridges


Nicogen’s disposable cartridges contain a metered nicotine dose equivalent to that of a cigarette pack and are intended for daily use. Being a pharmaceutical product, the Nicogen system is manufactured in a GMP facility under pharmaceutical standards. The control unit is a medical device intended for sale as an OTC product with its adjoining nicotine cartridges.

Nicogen was tested to demonstrate

outstanding therapeutic effect,

delivered with natural user experience

by a stylish device,

manufactured to pharmaceutical standards


About Us

Nicogen Ltd. is an Israeli company founded in 2017 as a spin-off from Omega Life Science (OLS), with the intention of commercializing OLS’ platform for safe and efficient delivery of Nicotine.


Nicogen has a development team in the UK and a dedicated pharmaceutical development arm based in France. Nicogen also employs a CRO in Wales, England.


Nicogen’s technology is protected by patents and patent pending applications covering its unique aerosolization techniques, formulation and the interface between medications and the delivery platform.






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Clinical Benefits

  • Nicogen's Pharmaco-kinetic profile was shown to be identical to that of a conventional cigarette.
  • Proprietary formulation conveys a good sensory experience. Nicogen is designed to taste “right” for smokers.
  • Formulation free of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and preservatives.


the technology


A unique aerosol generator is at the core of the system. The aerosol is produced by a pseudo-pneumatic process governed by strict and continuous control of crucially affecting parameters.


The aerosol generator, as well as the nicotine liquid reservoir, are both located in the disposable cartridge.


No heat or vibrating mesh modalities are utilized in the aerosol production process.






Nicogen is fully aware of the difficulties and inconvenience associated with smoking cessation or the shift to alternative products, hence the need for a supportive and interactive platform.


By integrating connectivity features into the device, the system accompanies the user throughout the transition process, offering recorded user data and encouragement through progress feedback.


To supplement such feedback, Nicogen offers integration into the social network to provide friendly support as well as guidance  from friends, family and health professionals.


To fulfil these attributes the device is capable of pairing with mobile phones, mobile apps, digital wearables and various public media sources.



Aerosol Properties


Nicogen’s device is designed to aerosolize aqueous solutions of nicotine in a manner most suitable for efficient systemic delivery of nicotine.

At nicotine concentrations up to 50 mg/ml the device produces an aerosol with an MMAD value of around 2.5 microns and a fine particle fraction (<5 microns) higher than 80%.


Utilizing a drop-on-demand mechanism Nicogen’s device is designed to aerosolize 15 micro-liters of nicotine solution per actuation, consistently from the first puff to the last one.